Chaparral Volleyball season is back. The Chaparral Girls Volleyball team faced off in their first headlining game against Arapahoe High School.

The first game was a nail-biter as Arapahoe had the lead most of the time. Chaparral persevered and went on to take the first game and the Superfans went completely wild. They had a huge show out for the first game of the season. The chants did not stop the whole game supporting the girls on the court. The Chaparral girls also went ahead and took the second game w a 25-20 score. This time having the lead all along, the girls were unstoppable. All eyes were on junior Jasmine Schmidt as she had a tremendous game, scoring what seemed like endless points for her home team. Aces were being spiked continuously throughout the game receiving an uproar of cheers from the fans each time. Senior Jade Rasmussen has been unable to play, but will soon be back and ready at the net. In the third game Chaparral struggled to keep up with Arapahoe which resulted in a heartbreaking loss as Arapahoe momentarily stole the show. All eyes were glued to the game the fourth and final game, both teams were one on one scoring points until Chaparral took the lead and kept it in the fifth game. Chaparral’s girls took the win with yet another 25-20 score. The fans stormed the court and flaunted their first win of the season. With a new coach expectations remain are high for the season to come.

By Brittany Berrum

Fans and players both celebrate after an intense play.