“Forty­four” is all you could hear being chanted through the Chaparral student section on Friday October 2nd, when the Chaparral Wolverines football team took on their school rival, Legend High School. The team was focused on getting the win for their fallen teammate, Koby Stevens, and managed to pull out the glorious victory during a nail­biting fourth quarter, with a final score of 42-­35.

The Wolverines came out hitting hard during the first quarter, with sophomore KJ Phillips scoring two touchdowns to lead the game 14­7. During the second quarter, the Titans managed to score a touchdown and held the Wolverine offense scoreless, making it 14­14. After halftime, both teams got pumped up with adrenaline and managed to score 2 touchdowns each, with senior Austin Spindler and senior Javon Spencer scoring for Chaparral. This made for an exciting third quarter filled with many long passes and drives. By fourth quarter, every fan was on their toes as Legend ran for a touchdown, making it 28-35 with 9 minutes left on the clock. Then the Wolverines lined up head-to-­head with the Titans and bounced back. Senior Jumpy Davis ran for the touchdown, tying the score. As the Wolverines held the Titan offense scoreless on the next drive, the entire student section held up the number “44” with their hands as the Chaparral offense stepped onto the field. Quarterback, junior Taden Blaise, handed the ball to senior Jumpy Davis as he ran for the final touchdown in the last minute of the game. This set the Wolverines up for their fourth quarter victory. The clock ran down and signaled the final score, and the fans stormed the field as the team flashed the Pride of Parker trophy that will stay at Chaparral for the rest of the year.

Expectations from players and coaches will remain high as the Wolverines move on with a 3-2 record.

 Varsity player, Jesse Hull, holds up his "44" on the sideline. Photo by Emily Meyer.

Varsity player, Jesse Hull, holds up his "44" on the sideline. Photo by Emily Meyer.

By Amanda Lehmann