On the afternoon of Oct. 1st, a Twitter page associated with Legend High School was created by an unidentified person. This page attempted to taunt Chaparral students for the upcoming rivalry football game by attacking the loss of Chaparral student Koby Stevens. The tweets made by this page received no support from other Legend students on social media; however, it was quickly seen by students from both rivalry schools. Twitter erupted.

     Whoever made the choice to attack such a sensitive subject so directly has likely never experienced a loss of someone as close to them as Koby was to so many of us. This individual may not comprehend the pain that our entire community went through and is still fighting to overcome today. This does not excuse their actions-- the page was disgusting, hurtful, and even the mere idea of it was physically painful to many. However, what we as a student body have been failing to remember is that it was posted by one student out of the thousands attending Legend High School. Throughout any hardship that Chaparral has faced, Legend has supported us. We have both put the rivalry aside in times of need and supported each other as a Parker community.

     How we react defines who we are as a school. Threatening Legend High School as a whole makes no logical sense considering the tweets came from one individual student. Moreover, attacking and threatening the student individually does not reflect the love that resides in our Chaparral Family. While this incident is seemingly unforgivable, the ability to forgive and support our peers regardless of mistakes characterizes what it means to be a Chaparral Wolverine.

     Do not let this unfortunate choice made by someone unaware of the harm they were inflicting overshadow the true motivation driving the football team to work their hardest. Koby was full of love and respect for anyone he met; his legacy should emulate the same sort of appreciation for others, especially those who have supported Chaparral in the past. Never fail to love one another, and never fail to Work Like Koby.

By Emily Meyer and Kendall Graham

Students tweet reactions following the posts from the harmful Twitter page.