Pole vaulting might not be in season, but a few Chaparral students have been taking free time out of their afternoons to train for the sport’s regular season. Junior Chlotille Scheckel has reached a new record of 9 feet that might change her future on pole vaulting. The school record for girls is 10 feet.

Scheckel is the number one girl from Chaparral for pole vaulting. Senior Davis Butte has the record of successfully 14’6’’ as the number one boy. Senior Sterlyng Ellis has accomplished a record of 8’9’’ and senior Gabriel Thomas has the record of 7’6”. Sophomore Connor Quinlan’s record is 11 feet and sophomore Alec Horn’s record is 8’6”.

High School pole vaulting season starts the same time as spring track season begins, but there are some opportunities for the athletes to join the club team and compete before the spring. The athletes do practice in the off season on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6p.m. until dusk. When the season does start the practices are after school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

With the amazing records right now from these athletes, they can keep improving and make history when the season is in session. So get excited and come out to watch the pole vault athletes in the spring.

By Naomi Martin

 Chlotille Scheckel poses next to the pole vaulting station.

Chlotille Scheckel poses next to the pole vaulting station.