On Friday, 9-11-15, a young man by the name of Mitch Vander Waerdt got up especially early to make his way to Chaparral High School. Having taking precautions of what he was about to do, on the sidewalk corner, he pulled out his bright posterboard. “911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB,” were the words that were boldly colored on the sign he was holding up. Kids and their parents pulled up to attend school and witnessed him proudly holding it. As anyone could imagine, early in the morning on Friday, 9-11-15, a catastrophe had already began.

    Vander Waerdt, a sophomore at Chaparral wanted to prove a few points.

    “It just makes me mad how we put patriotism before humanity. Most people are too ignorant to do their own research about things that happen in the world. Instead they just listen to what media… such as the news tells them,” says Vander Waerdt. He wasn’t trying to be offensive, in fact he feels sad and sympathetic just as many other Americans do.

    He wants to make students that attend Chaparral realize that the world isn’t so small, and that if a student wants to know about something, they have to go in depth and do the research themselves.

    Vander Waerdt said, “Media only focuses on celebrities and stuff. The information they give you may not be accurate because they really are only telling you want they want you to hear.”

By Lexy Yocom

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