For the past few years, Chaparral has experienced great loss. This year, Chaparral joined Sources of Strength. “Sources of Strength is a national organization, which has just been recently adopted in Douglas County,” said Counselor, Eric Mullens. Sources of Strength is a preemptive program to help spread suicide awareness, but it doesn’t stop there. “It’s going to be about the positive people in your life, and the positive things in your life, and why we are all excited and happy to be here,” said Mullens.

    The district agreed to pay for Sources of Strength to be implemented in Chaparral. Chaparral has been dealing with losses just like it's always been dealt with. “We were already doing more than any other school with all the stuff we do with freshmen 101, all the stuff that we do with the district wellness program and we were still having problems,” said Mullens. Sources of Strength will give a new way of approaching students’ problems. It’s more about promoting the mental well-being of students.

On Sept. 25, 2015 teachers will be trained to participate in Sources of Strength. Then on Oct. 9, 2015, students will be trained as well. Students and teacher advisors will be running all the activities throughout the year with Mullens overseeing them. Any students interested in joining Sources of Strength here at Chaparral can go to the counseling office and get a Sources of Strength Interest Card.

By Aubree Miller

 A student poses with a handmade sign for Sources of Strength.

A student poses with a handmade sign for Sources of Strength.