Chaparral Boys Cross Country races in hopes of placing well at the state competition. Photo by Sydney Mullen

Chaparral Boys Cross Country races in hopes of placing well at the state competition. Photo by Sydney Mullen

    Oct. 31, 2015– The Chaparral Boys Varsity Cross Country season came to a successful end after placing 7th in the Colorado 5A High School State meet. With a total point count of 268 and an average time of 17:25.7, the boys were victorious in achieving their goals.     

    Chaparral did great this year and will have a hard time beating this year’s count next year, but we are all up for the challenge.

       Throughout the season leading up to state, the boys put focus on building a strong team relationship, believing that good bonds will result in good outcomes. “It’s always been a very clear split between freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors,” said senior Captain Nick Sodnicar, “and this year we’ve really tried to bring everyone together more and make sure we’re all a family.” One of the most influential aspects of Cross Country is not the physicality, but rather the mentality. Sodnicar believes that their success has sprung from having a close-knit team and support from each runner.

     The teamwork they showed in the meets brought Chaparral ross Country to the state competition. “We’ve done really well in coming together as a team and getting solid points on the board by running together in a pack,” said junior Captain Tad Trimarco. Although cross country is essentially a sport focused on individual performance, Trimarco believes that their teamwork is what has given each runner and the team as a whole the most success.

     In preparation for state, the boys were “coming down on training, resting up a little more, and doing slower runs to sustain energy and be fastest for state,” said Trimarco. From the results of the race, it’s clear that this preparation was successful.

     “We want to prove to ourselves and to the state that Chaparral has good runners, and that we’re here to stick around,” said Sodnicar. Considering the loss of a handful of talented runners in the past two graduated classes, many schools had little expectations for Chaparral Cross Country. The team this season had a very young roster, and many of them from all classes had never run in a state meet before. Their incentive, however, were all alike: “we want to hit it, and hit it hard,” said Sodnicar.

     As a result of all their training and preparation, the boys left the State meet in Colorado Springs last Saturday holding the 7th place title-- a well-earned and honorable placing, especially considering their goal was to land in the top ten. In the next upcoming weeks, Chaparral Girls and Boys Cross Country will be traveling to compete in Arizona for one last meet to wrap up the post season.

By Kendall Graham