Graphic by Emily Moore

Graphic by Emily Moore

    The feeling after finishing that intriguing TV season or captivating movie on Netflix is bleak yet exciting. The anxiously awaited time has come, to pick something new to obsess over. While scrolling through the endless lists of recommendations and genres, one is more often passed up than others, documentaries. Documentaries are defined as a movie or television that provides a factual record or report. Sounds boring, yet they are as interesting as they are underrated.

    Documentaries are everywhere. Flipping channels, Netflix, Amazon prime, the possibilities to explore with your eyes are endless. Not all informational films have the boring monotone voice, and not every documentary only accomplishes making your eyes heavy. They are a master at disguise. Shows and movies can represent the same information a documentary does, while the viewer may not even know. Sneaky, right? Your favorite crime show on Investigative Discovery, might even be a suspect of true information being re-enacted.

     Rather than knowing how he met your mother, or keeping up with the Kardashian drama, wouldn’t it be far more beneficial to actually gain something from what you are opening your mind to? Instead of seeing how the latest celebrity craze spent their excess of money, it’s possible to actually feel enlightened rather than materialistically poor after viewing a mindless show/movie.

By Anna Wilmore