A calendar marks out the final days of Chaparral's first semester. Photo by Matt Rivas

A calendar marks out the final days of Chaparral's first semester. Photo by Matt Rivas

     The high school student, like any comic book superhero, has several superpowers. The ability to evade sleep longer than the average human is capable of, the capability to harness the powers of the coffee bean, and the resourcefulness required to succeed in a difficult class are talents each student possesses.

     As every high schooler knows, semester finals are the ultimate test of their superpowers. At the end of December, the nights were longer, the coffee flowed stronger, and, most likely, each and every student wished they had done more earlier to prepare. Whether they barely slipped by with the right grades or fell below the cut matters no longer, because the new semester is just beginning and each hero has five months to prepare for their next great feat.

     If every student took the time to go the extra mile, even the extra few feet, each day in class and at home, come May they would be marathons ahead of where they were in December. Teachers are paid to help their kids succeed. Make sure the taxpayers get their money’s worth by going in 15 minutes before school and asking a teacher for help on that challenging concept. Everyone can spare a little bit of their TV time to study for that quiz they’ve “totally got.”  Stop by the Academic Support Center and work with an NHS tutor. Find use of every second in an off period and study with friends for the big exam. Students can take a mental note of how they spend their time and cut out nonsense activities (Twitter time, checking friends’ snapchat stories, etc.) in order to maximize efficiency. All assignments add up in the end, and any amount of additional effort couldn’t possibly hurt.

     The message: starting this semester off right and continuing with even a slightly higher effort than before will not only prepare each superhero for their great fight, but will ensure they never have to repeat the dread they felt in December to the same level. Take this opportunity for improvement and run with it; refusing to try is the Kryptonite of every high school superhero.

By Matt Rivas