Boys Basketball players get ready to go in.

Boys Basketball players get ready to go in.

     As the cold winter nights start approaching so does the beginning of winter sports. Boys basketball is back in season. The Varsity Boys Basketball team hosted their first home game against Eaglecrest High School on Tuesday December 22, 2015.

      As the game started, the team struggled to find their rhythm and at the end of the first half Chaparral was down 21-4. Despite the deficit in the start, the team found themselves a little more by half time, bringing the score to 39-20, Eaglecrest. Lineups changed at halftime and new mixes of players set in With Eaglecrest still in the lead, the score by the end of the third quarter was 64-38. In last quarter the game ended with a score of 84-43, Eaglecrest.

     The Wolverines have a long road ahead of them, finding lineups that work and also mixing an age range of players. This season the team has gained an abundance of new faces including freshman that will hopefully bring a new era to Chaparral Boys Basketball.

By Amanda Lehmann