Donations of kids bikes for the holiday season. Courtesy of Southeast Christian Church.

Donations of kids bikes for the holiday season. Courtesy of Southeast Christian Church.

     Winter Break; a time for families to rejoice, to reflect over the holidays, to spend time with friends, to give back to others in need. This break, many Parker citizens and students from Chaparral have spent their time giving back to the community. Groups of friends, clubs, and sport teams have united in order to aid other families, and the homeless with necessities during the harsh winter season.

    One particular Chaparral student, junior Alex Lehman, along with her family, friends, and JV Poms team, devoted their time, care, and support in positive ways over their two-week holiday break. They bought, wrapped, and delivered presents to struggling families in need. The team successfully carried out the task of giving back. The family they gave to has two kids, and foster two other children, who had harsh living conditions in their previous homes. The girls had the chance to spend time with the less fortunate children, and left the experience with a feeling of humbleness and joy.  

    Getting in touch with the programs set by the several churches in Parker is one of the easiest and most touching ways of giving back. At one point, Alex and her family joined “Operation Christmas Child” at their local church in order to give children around the world to open up surprises during the holidays. “You fill boxes for kids who can’t afford a Christmas present… It was awesome!” says Lehman. But a place of worship or not, anyone can create their own idea of donating. In just a matter of a couple weeks, Alex along with schoolmates are planning to put together essential care packages, going downtown, and handing them to the homeless. It’s just a small step to feel the holiday spirit and to believe in the power of faith, feeling selfless, and generosity in which everyone can prove from their hearts if we take a step towards investing love in others.

By Hannah Hiatt