A footprint marks the fresh snow in 2016.

A footprint marks the fresh snow in 2016.

December 31st

Noon-getting ready for the night festivities (nails, hair, shopping)

6pm-large dinner with family

11pm-pre new year snacking

January 1st

6am-At the gym running

Noon-light lunch with a glass of water

It’s that time of year again, 2016 has begun. We tend to imagine the new year will bring the motivation and persistence we need to reinvent ourselves. Many of us have the same resolution, lose weight or be healthier. We wonder why gym memberships skyrocket in the new year, while bakery sales drop dramatically. However, how long do these resolutions and plans last? Come mid February we all get back into our bad old habits. Follow these steps to ensure your health goals will be met for more than a month.

  1. Make a plan- By making a plan, you can always be on schedule and never forget!

  2. Find a friend- A friend can be your biggest supporter and competitor in keeping your resolution!

  3. Make incentives- Give yourself a reward after you meet checkpoints in your resolution!

  4. Set goals- By setting goals, you know specifically what you are trying to accomplish!

  5. Give reminders-Small sticky note reminders around the house can help you recall resolutions!

Whether 2016 is a time for you to drop a few pounds, or something else, by following a few simple steps your “new year” could become a “new you.”

By Jacquelin Closs