Mr. Diller Educating Children

Mr. Diller Educating Children

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been all the talk about the presidential election lately. However, many people don’t know about any of the alternative candidates. There are 27 other candidates for 2016. All of these people have different goals and “standards” for America.

One of the 27 people is Barbara Joy Waymire. She is 64 years old, a veteran, and a spiritual visionary.  Waymire said she “Learned her faith as a child from a friend only she could see, who was called Becky.” Waymire’s mother thought of “Becky” as an invisible play mate, however, Waymire still thinks she was real. Waymire believes that god has intervened in her life by “manifesting several graphic and painful stigmata on her head, hands, feet and side.” She is running as a libertarian. She does not support the legislation of morality.

Although most of these alternative candidates aren’t very heard of, there is one that has gotten some people’s attention. His name is Vermin Supreme. Supreme has “big” plans. He has promised a free pony to every american, a time travel research fund, and pioneering zombie preparedness initiative. He is known for wearing a rubber boot on his head and carrying a giant toothbrush. Finishing in 4th New Hampshire democratic primaries, Supreme has gotten over 240 votes.

Even though these candidates have great ideas, Trump and Hilary are definitely in the lead for the 2016 presidential election that’ll happen on November 8.

By: Emerald Herman