16 year old McKenna flashes her contagious smile as she holds the check that will help send her to Hawaii. Photo by Aubree Miller

16 year old McKenna flashes her contagious smile as she holds the check that will help send her to Hawaii. Photo by Aubree Miller

     Wish Week is always one of the most looked-forward-to weeks of the entire school year. This year Chaparral was lucky enough to invite the sweet and beautiful McKenna Wilburn into our family. Wilburn is 16-years-old and attends Columbine High School, and her wish to go to Hawaii was successfully granted by the hard work and support from the community. Chaparral fell in love with this sweet soul, and one month later, Wilburn still remains a constant presence in the heart of Chaparral Wolverines.

    Wish Week means so much to every person involved, a week long life changing event to so many. To Wilburn, it meant a loving, caring family coming together to support her dream. “My favorite part was taking pictures with everyone! I just love lasting smiles,” said Wilburn. The trip to Hawaii with the people she loves most means an escape from all of the chaos of life in such a beautiful part of the world.

     As the school year wraps up and lingers its way into April, McKenna is eagerly awaiting her trip to Hawaii. She and her loved ones embark on the trip on April 16. McKenna is most looking forward to going snorkeling in the warm waters of the islands. She has overcome so much to get to this moment which makes it all the more special to her.

     While going through the treatment for her cancer, Wilburn dealt with the hardships by writing. “I just wrote a lot. I wrote down my thoughts and feelings and all about my day; I didn’t have much of a choice but to keep going,” she said. What inspires McKenna the most, though, is music. Her angelic voice rang throughout the entire gym when she sang to the whole student body and staff at the opening assembly for Wish Week.

     McKenna is not a part of any clubs at school but is in fact a part of the Campus Life youth group. Over spring break, she and her peers involved in the group headed down to Florida for a fun trip in the sun surrounded by other Campus Life groups from other schools. It was a retreat to get away and delve deeper into her religious beliefs in a nice setting. Wilburn was not able to attend the trip last year due to being in the hospital, so that made this year’s trip all the more special, she explained.  

     After Chaparral raised $57,031.57 and Wish Week came to a close, Wilburn still remains a beloved member of the 'Chap Fam'. Her kindness and positivity is admirable and as her trip to Hawaii draws near, both The Crier and Chaparral wishes for her to have a wonderful vacation.