“With over 4,000 students gathered downtown it may seem difficult to stand out, but Chaparral Theatre was able to do so.” Said  David Peterson the Director of Theatre at Chaparral High School and DCSD High School Theatre Coordinator. The first weekend of December, the Thespians of Chaparral attended Thescon, where they were able to take classes, compete,  and further their knowledge of the theatrical art.  Junior Chloe Churro stated “Thescon was so much fun, we had an amazing opportunity to show what is we do and what we have been working so hard on.” The Chaparral Thespian Society was just named one of three 2016 Colorado Gold Honor Troupe. It is an award program designed to honor Thespian Troupes not only for their outstanding productions, but also for a troupe's work in community service, outreach, and original storytelling. The following were National Qualifiers in Solo Musical Theatre: Morgan Erwin, Jack Griffin, Jacob Pederson, Joe Robinson, and Izze Sajdak. Our Technical Theatre Students won the Tech Theatre Challenge as well.  The team was made up of: Chloe Cherro, Brian Morgans, Megan Steinheimer, Eli Vatsaas, and Will Walker. These students have earned their title and deserve a congratulations.

By: Lauren DiNapoli