Michael Winter Drumin' Up Success

Michael Winter Drumin' Up Success

There are many inspiring people that roam the halls of Chaparral High School every day. With so many students, it can be hard to see the unique qualities of each person. Senior Michael Winter is one of the few students at Chaparral who has a unique passion for drumming.

Winter started drumming when he was ten years old, following after his father. When Winter was first able to hold a pair of drumsticks, he used them on  plastic practice disks. He had to try and find the rhythm of his hands and also stick with the speed. “It was quite difficult to learn how to play the drums, trying to keep the same speed in a fast movement motion was really hard,” said Winter.

Not only does Winter play the drums but he also plays any of the percussion instruments for the Chaparral band. Winter is also in the process of learning how to play the keyboard. Outside of school, Winter dedicates his time to a band called “Friar,” that he and his friends created. They have had the band together since about 7th grade. There are a total of three people in Friar, and they often book gigs to help them raise money. After high school, Winter plans to keep pursuing music by going to University Of Northern Colorado.   

For every person it may take time to find a passion for something. Everyone has a unique quality whether it be playing the drums or excelling in math; it varies from person to person. “Don’t take anything personally ever. Any change can happen over night but results can take time.” said Winter

By: Shayanna Spader