Let's Get to Work!

Let's Get to Work!

At Chaparral, there are 3 world languages offered, the most popular being Spanish. Spanish is used on nearly every continent and is useful for interacting with different people, competing for jobs, and gives opportunities to travel around the world.

Students at Chaparral are involved in a society that celebrates their Spanish-speaking talents. They meet after school to discuss events or activities and aim to have a fun time. Students who are involved can be from a Spanish background, or simply join just because they love the language and culture. “I’ve been taking Spanish since kindergarten and I got to high school and the opportunity was there. I just think it’s a good way to spread awareness that learning a second language is beneficial and it helps bring cultures together,” said junior, Lainey Crystal.

This after school club completes many educational and entertaining activities, however, people have their favorite activities. “ I am Vice President this year and that’s been really fun because I’ve been able to see the Society behind the scenes. I’ve been able to plan a lot of the activities, so that’s been really fun. I think just getting to know the people and practicing the language and learning about the culture is super fun,” explained Crystal. During this time they spend as a group, they get to know each other and learn to love the language.

By: Emerald Herman