Emma Matthews Smile Can Brighten Anyone's Day

Emma Matthews Smile Can Brighten Anyone's Day

Choosing to be kind should never be something people regret. Student Emma Matthews has never second guessed that being kind was the right thing to do.

“I really enjoy being nice because it gives me the opportunity to create friendships,” Matthews continued, “I love making new relationships with people. I really care for other people.” It’s rare in today’s society for someone to genuinely care about others more than themselves and Matthews surely does. Matthews not only has a caring heart at  school but brings those people skills to her work atmosphere. “I love kids. I love helping children and working with them,” Matthews said. Matthews works in the children’s department at PEPC, a Christian community church in Parker doing aftercare. When Matthews returns home she continues that love for others with her family. She has younger brothers who she tucks in every night. “I’m really going to miss my siblings when I go to college,” explained Matthews. Not only does Matthews love people but people love Matthews. “I’ve been friends with Emma for two years now and never once have I heard her say one bad thing about anyone,” said senior Moly Hundt. She really is making an impact on the people around her. “When you are around people who are kind it makes you aspire to be kind.” Hundt said

After interviewing her for a short few minutes, it’s undeniable that her heart is pure and full of joy. It’s easy to say the world needs more sweet people like Matthews. Everyone should aspire to spread kindness every day. If everyone was as kind as Matthews, the world would be a better place.

By: Jazmyn Andre