Intense Scene During Catch Me If You Can

Intense Scene During Catch Me If You Can

Theatre has been around for over 2,500 years and is watched and enjoyed around the world by people of all ages. Many kids have interest in acting, singing, and even just enjoying the performances that theatre brings. One student at Chaparral has a huge passion for performing. Sophomore Joe Robinson has been involved in theatre for 2 years.

Theatre has many great factors to it including the singing, acting, and the excitement the crowd develops throughout a show. Robinson loves it all. “My favorite part of theatre is singing a solo, and hitting the final note with the crowd applauding,” explained Robinson. Theatre has many different platforms, from small church plays or musicals to broadway. For many young actors and actresses like Robinson, their dreams are to be on top. “My goals for the future in terms of theatre are to be on broadway and to teach theatre,” said Robinson.

“My inspiration [to act] is simply that chicks dig a good male singer and actor,” explained Robinson. There are so many shows that Chaparral has put on and  many more shows produced by others around the world. Although there’s a wide variety of plays and musicals, every theatre fanatic has their favorite. “My favorite show I’ve been in was And Then There Were None, and my favorite show that I’ve seen is West Side Story.” said Robinson. In last years spring musical, he was the only freshman participating in the show. Robinson has so much passion for theatre, colleges have even contacted him for his talents.

By: Emerald Herman