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Senior Olivia Hummel shows off her scissor tattoo that was inspired by her love for cosmetology. Photo by Nick Brown

All schools offer different advantages to their students, it is just up to the students to utilize them. Chaparral student Olivia Hummel, Castle View student Olivia Neumann, and Ponderosa student Jordyn Cahill want the most out of their school experience even if it means they must go to another school to take specialized classes. Hummel travels to Colorado’s Finest Cosmetology Academy in Englewood to take classes in cosmetology while Cahill travels from Ponderosa and Neumann comes all the way from Castle Rock to come take pre-med classes here at Chap. These students must make many sacrifices to be able to be successful in the extra classes and make it to their school on time as well. Neumann has to wake up at 5:15 AM to be able to make it on time, but she has no regrets about taking the class as she says, “Having the ability to experience so many careers in the medical field has really opened up my horizons.” They each have their own reasons for sacrificing so much to get to the classes. Hummel also has to wake up at 5 in the morning and she says she gets her motivation because, “It makes me so happy to help other people and make them feel better about themselves just by changing their hair.” Cahill said her experience crossing schools to go to a class has been great because, “I’ve learned a lot about what i need to do to become successful in my future.” Cahill even said it had helped her prepare for college so much that she recommends the class, even if one must cross schools to go to it, to anyone who is interested in going into the medical field. All three agree that even though they must sacrifice some sleep and time, traveling to a different school for additional information on a subject they plan to pursue outside of school, is very beneficial for success.