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The empty amphitheater that holds thousands of people. Photo by Devon Williams

As the seasons start to change, the concerts and events at Red Rocks Amphitheatre come to an end. This is a very upsetting ending for people who attend multiple concerts at Red Rocks throughout the year. Red Rocks will be a place to hike and to workout until the sun comes back out again. With only two more concerts left, if you have never been to a concert or event at Red Rocks, you wouldn’t know that it is one of the most amazing venues. The rocks are to the left and right of you, and if you stand to look at the stage, a view of the city lights is behind the artist performing right in the middle. When asked about her favorite part as well as the most outstanding thing about the venue, senior Taylor Whitrock said “[her] favorite part about Red Rocks was definitely watching Russ get so emotional about his fans, and he was so moved by the crowd. Also how many people were there, the fact that it was outside and the rocks. It made everything sound so much louder and bigger than just being in the normal Pepsi Center.” This is extremely different than venues such as the Pepsi Center or the Ogden where a bad seat could mean a bad viewing of the concert as well as the sound bouncing off the rocks. At Red Rocks, each seat has an unobscured viewing of the artist making Red Rocks very unique. Red Rocks was opened on June 15, 1941 and can sit 9,525 people. About a week ago, hip hop artist Russ performed at Red Rocks. Russ had started with a very small fan base and it has only grown from his start. Russ tweeted “I started out at 600 ppl in Denver last summer, then 1,100 a couple months later, then 3,600 this past summer, then 10k last night. Build.” Red Rocks is a crazy place to perform for most artists due to the location. The concerts ending will be back soon, but you’re still able to go check out Red Rocks with a small hike.

Story by Devon Williams