Eiffel Tower 

Eiffel Tower 

French Honors Society also known as FHS is a social and academic group that participates in activities to benefit the school and spread the language. Sophomore Leena Ettachfini is involved in the club and participates in the activities.  In FHS “ We have meetings once a month where we get together to speak french and discuss French culture. We make crepes, play scrabble, and participate in every after school event. We once went to a french bakery for dinner where we had to order in french,” said Ettachfini.

On February 10th, French Honors Society had a booth that informed others about the club. “We set up 3 different stations: one with crepes, one where you could make Valentine’s day cards in french, and one with trivia where you could test your knowledge on France,” said Ettachfini.“ As this group allows people to grow in the french language, it is also a way for them to make new friends that they normally may not meet.  “I like FHS because it gives me a chance to talk to french speaking students outside of class. It also allows me to connect with the juniors and seniors in a higher level allowing me to learn more,” stated Ettachfini.

In order to be in French Honors Society the student needs to have 2 years of french, as well as currently enrolled in year 3 of the language. French teacher, Florence Schranz is the sponsor for the club and with her help French Honors Society has become a success at Chaparral.

By: Ava Houghton