Jack Showing No Sign of Backing Down

Jack Showing No Sign of Backing Down

As Wish Week comes to a close, students flood activities in order to show their final support for Isabelle and her family. Rounding out another exciting Wish Week, on Thursday, March 9th, Chaparral students and community families showed up to Sky Zone from 3pm to 8pm. Student’s arrived to have an amazing time with friends and help donate to make Isabelle’s wish of going to Disney World a reality.

“The biggest reason that I came to Sky Zone tonight is because I generally enjoy coming to Sky Zone and plus there were even more incentives tonight because it was a Wish Week event and a lot of my friends were having a good time,” said Freshman Nicholas Villalobos

At the dunk station a group of four freshman boys gathered around to discuss their next trick shot. Trying to one up each other, the boys gave the good old college try to each trick shot. However, mixed into the usual airball was the sweet feeling of nothing but net followed by the craziness and chaos of students who couldn’t believe the greatness they had witnessed. Students hopped, shot, and dunked all night long to finally live out the dream of being the Michael Jordan of Sky Zone.

“I’ve always wanted a trampoline growing up and I never got one so I just enjoy jumping around and I’m also really great at dodgeball,” added Villalobos

In the more conventional bounce area the vibe was a lot more laid back and chill. Students attempted every type of flip and tricks known to man, all while soaring airborne. Competing to see who can get the highest bounce and then performing a flip in midair all to either land back on two feet, or plummet face first into the cushioning blow of the trampoline: just another Wish Week night.

“My favorite night is when we first find out who the wish family is and even though there’s not a lot going on everybody’s just so excited. I probably enjoyed movie night the most just because there were so many people there and that’s not normal for Wish Week. And at the very end we all had a dance party on the stage in the theatre which was pretty fun,” said Sophomore Tommy Copeland.

However, compared to the casual atmosphere through the rest of Sky Zone, the dodgeball court in the back was a completely different beast. In the court, the 5 D’s of dodgeball could be witnessed at their competitive peak. On one side of the court was the numerically overwhelming Juniors and Seniors up against the underdog Sophomores and Freshmen, who scarcely populated the opposite half. The underclassmen were clearly the underdogs until their savior and MVP, Isabelle, entered the game. With her team feeding her balls to huck, Isabelle made quick work of the upperclassmen team. Demolishing them as they each fell to the floor with an over exaggerated flop. Chants of ‘Isabelle, Isabelle, Isabelle’ echoed throughout Sky Zone as it came down to a one on one. The upperclassmen stood no chance, and with a dropped catch, Isabelle won the game. Isabelle won over the Chaparral family heart’s again and they were there to support her the whole time. After a night of excitement, joy, and competition the night had wound down and students began recovering for one last showing of support during the closing assembly the following day.

By: Matthew Fast