Isabelle Showing Off her Moves for the Last Time 

Isabelle Showing Off her Moves for the Last Time 

This year’s wish week proved to be as magical as the rest as the young Isabelle McCallister saw her dream of going to Disney World come true. The grand total of $66,807.36 was nearly double the amount her family anticipated, and Chaparral’s sea of pink screamed in support as the incredibly high number was announced.

When the student body first met Isabelle on Friday, March 3, the energetic, lively girl instantly caught the students and teachers’ hearts. Just over a year ago, she was diagnosed with a stage 2 brain tumor. To make matters worse, Isabelle’s mother Sarah suffered breast cancer, and health became an everyday struggle for the McCallisters. Through the emotional time, brother Michael and father Mac comforted their sick family members the best they could, and the family’s optimism lead to both eventually becoming cancer free. On November 23, 2016, Isabelle McCallister finished her last round of chemotherapy.

Now free without the concern of her health, Isabelle and her family can look forward to their time together in Orlando. Whether you contributed to the $14,000 investment from the impressive Theater program or gave just a few pennies, Chaparral appreciates your efforts. “It’s not about how much each student brings, it’s more about each kid participating and wanting to make a difference,” said Spanish teacher Jeannie Malsam. Malsam awarded her class in points by how many kids donated rather than how much money was earned. Extra points were also given to those who attended the events. Wish week sponsored restaurants were full, the 5k was packed, and hundreds filled the gym to watch the Dodgeball tournament funded for the family. After all, being all in for Isabelle was more than a hashtag, but a mindset felt throughout the campus.

By: Carson Frost