Mr. Larson speaking at closing assembly

Mr. Larson speaking at closing assembly

On Friday the third, Chaparral met the beautiful, young Isabelle. Her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and sweet personality gave her every reason to steal our hearts. The eventful, and lively week, showed how much Chaparral was dedicated to make Isabelles wish come true.

The assembly started by Alex Lehman introducing the McAllister family into the gym. As Lehman introduced one family member at a time, the tension built for Isabelle’s arrival. Suddenly, Isabelle arrived being carried on a chair, by a few of Chaparrals boys. She looked, and felt much like the princess she truly is. As all the excitement subsided Alex Lehman read a story to Isabelle's classmates from her school. As the thousands of students surrounding Lehman become quiet, the crowd was captivated by the hopeful story of a healthy future for Isabelle. Then, after story time Chaparrals very own cheer team, and their newest member, Isabelle performed a simple, yet intriguing cheer for the school. Isabelle’s dream to become a cheerleader had finally come true!

After the students section silenced we all drew our attention to Isabelle speak a few words of her loving family, during this time there was not a dry eye in the room. You could feel the heavy emotions in the room, everyone was paying respect to Isabelle, and the battle her and her family have faced. Shortly after, children from each elementary school presented a check stating how much they raised. Pressure built in the gym as all the students knew the that the final number was about to be presented. Everyone in the gm was on the edge of their seats patiently waiting for that number to be said. Finally after the much awaited time, Tad Trimarco pulled off the sheet covering the end result, Chaparral High school alone raised 51,000 dollars, and as a community raised 66,000 dollars. The crowed roared with excitement, and some were so proud that tears ran down their cheeks. Isabelle, and the McAllister family jumped in excitement. With the 66,000 dollars raised Chaparral students, and the parker community were able to grant nine wishes for children in need.

Year after year, Chaparral proves they are dedicated to the wish kid of the week, and the final number grows to an outstanding extent each year. This year Chaparral students made it exceptionally clear that Chaparral was In it For Isabelle.

By: Hannah Lee