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Traveling is an expensive luxury people can only experience once or twice a year. Or is it? Is traveling really so expensive and  luxurious. There are many ways to save money for travel, and these tips can easily all be used at the same time. The best way to start saving for travel is to figure out how much money is being spent every month, and what the money is being spent on. Starting a dedicated travel fund easily allows one to move money every month towards travel, and see how much they have saved. This will allow an easy way to cut spending on unnecessary purchases and immediately start saving money.

A key part of saving money for travel is sticking to a budget. This will be hard at times, especially seeing friends hang out Friday nights and current financial troubles get in the way. An easy way to stop spending money is to not have time to spend it in the first place. Picking up extra hours at work, or finding a second part time job, will earn more money towards travel, and give less time to spend money. Getting rid of cable and stopping from eating out, can save hundreds of dollars alone. By not buying expensive food, over priced bills are no longer an issue. Cooking food at home is both a cheaper, and more healthy option to save money and stay healthy while planning travel.

When planning on traveling for a long time, one month or longer,  selling an apartment, house, and/ or car, can provide lots of extra money to spend. A great way to save money while planning a trip is to use a credit card that can earn miles for flights. This will help later on when miles can be used for free/discounted flights. But, the best way to start saving for travel is to start early, and stick to a set budget. Set yourself a goal and work towards it every day. Eventually, you'll have the money to make your dream trip become a reality.

By: Matthew McCarthy