Mr. St Louis Collaborating with Fellow Counselor 

Mr. St Louis Collaborating with Fellow Counselor 

Issues and problems pop up in everybody’s life no matter their age. Eventually they get through it and it takes more than just that one person to do so. Our friends, classmates, teachers and counselors can help us get through all kinds of problems. Chaparral is known for our incredible idea of the ‘Chap Fam.’ Many students and teachers agree that it’s an amazing thing. Counselor, Tom St. Louis loves the idea of us being a family and so passionate with our school. “ I love the energy I get from being around you guys. There’s so much  more energy in this job because of high school aged kids that are doing exciting things and they have great plans and ambitions and I just want to be a part of that energy,” Said St. Louis.

The teachers and staff members all have a reason and drive that lead them to do what they do. “Columbine made me want to be a counselor. I was at my parents house that day, and I was close enough to hear what was going on and I saw emergency vehicles, emergency equipment and everybody responding to help and the aftermath of it made me really want to help. So I decided to do this for a living and help young people.” explained St. Louis.

Chaparral is known for being a special place because of the students, staff, teachers and the attitudes and this can sometimes bring in new members of the Chap Fam. St. Louis explained, “ I came to Chaparral because I was friends with Mary Johnson and when a job opened at Chaparral she called me and asked me if I’d be interested. I always heard good things about Chap. Chap had a good reputation outside of the area here so I already knew about the school and I was just excited to try to become a part of that school.” St. Louis has been a counselor for 17 years and loves what he does and will continue being a crucial part of the Chap Family.

By: Emerald Herman