Nick Kounkel and Jack Dewolf showing off their shirts

Nick Kounkel and Jack Dewolf showing off their shirts

The business world being as competitive as it is, can be hard to prosper in. Young entrepreneurs, sophomores Jack Dewolf and Nick Kounkel have come extremely far in the business world at a young age. Dewolf got into business at the age of seven. “The first interaction with the business world I had was when I joined a t-shirt selling contest at the local pool. After that I just have always wanted to be part of it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to sell. It’s more like a game than anything,” said Dewolf. Now, the two have come together to form their own company.

TuckCOL has become a widely known brand throughout not only Chaparral and the local community, but throughout the state of Colorado and other states. “Eventually, we have hopes to become an international company so that not only people in the United States can enjoy our products but people in other countries can, too.” TuckCOL was founded in the summer of 2015. The name TuckCOL comes from Tucker Mountain in Colorado and the COL is an abbreviation for Colorado. “To start our company we began by securing a manufacturer. From there we wanted to figure out how we could take our manufactory and make it automatic. Then we built a website,” Dewolf stated. Kounkel went on to say, “It was really hard to find a manufacturer but after a lot of hard work and dedication everything came together and we  began being able to sell our clothing and other products. ”

Not only do the two prosper in their company, but they also prosper in creating relationships with each other and their closest customers. Junior Kevin Patterson said “I really enjoy Nick and Jack’s work. I think they do a good job of creating things not only things they like but things other people enjoy too.” “I really enjoy working with [Dewolf]. He's a really good business partner. It’s really easy for us to work together and come up with good ideas. We work well together since we’ve been friends for so long,” said Kounkel.  Dewolf, as well, enjoys working with Kounkel. “I love working with him. We work really well together and both have the same visions for our company,” said Dewolf.  “Our company is built around our passion for snowboarding and the outdoors. We focus on making our products the best fit for what we do everyday. We sell versatile apparel that is ready for anything from a ten day backpacking trip to a casual day downtown.”

By: Jazmyn Andre