Isabelle Aiming for the Win

Isabelle Aiming for the Win

Each year as Wish Week rolls around, many students attend the nightly events in support of a common goal- making our Wish Kid’s wish come true. One of the most anticipated and competitive events of the week is dodgeball, where students come to compete and defeat.

Forming a dodgeball team is very simple as well. “Dodgeball is my favorite wish week event because it’s really fun to go play with all my friends while supporting a good cause,” junior Kyle Louthan shared. Students only need 6-10 friends for a team to be eligible to play in the tournament. Each team’s entrance fee is $50 and every player must sign a waiver with their parent’s signature and their own. The team members will then collaborate and come up with a clever team name different from anyone else’s. Then, it’s game time.

On Wednesday March 8, the annual Wish Week Dodgeball Tournament was held at Chaparral High School at 6:00 PM in the large gym. The bleachers were full of students and families, as well as Isabelle and her family. The teams competed in a tournament bracket and moved up based on a win or loss (each round was single elimination). Isabelle and her family even competed with some students on their own team, and she helped bring them to victory in the first few rounds.

As the bracket narrowed down, the championship game loomed on the horizon. It came down to the teams Free Kodak versus WGBA for all the glory and the dodgeball trophy. It was a close and competitive game, but Free Kodak ended up taking the trophy and being named champions.

Wish Week dodgeball is so much more than just winning a tournament, it is about supporting a family that has been adopted into the Chap Fam. “Seeing the Wish Kid’s wish come true and being able to support in such a fun way is definitely my favorite part of Wish Week as a whole,” Louthan said.

By: Ally Clinard