Avery Muniz Ready for her Future

Avery Muniz Ready for her Future

The four years that everybody spends in high school, can be some of the most important ones. The grades and reputations students set for themselves can greatly impact their future. We all hear stories about sport based scholarships, however, merit scholarships are an immense deal as well. All scholarships are a big accomplishment and should be recognized. Chaparral senior Avery Muniz is one of the students that has earned a merit scholarship. She has received a full ride scholarship for low income, high achieving students to Stanford. Muniz acquired it through the QuestBridge organization. It covers everything including supplies and traveling. QuestBridge matches students with any of it’s 38 schools if those schools accept the student.

The process for scholarships can be different for everybody. “I had to first apply for the QuestBridge Scholarship and provide financial and academic information. Once I was selected as a finalist, I got to rank which of its partner schools I wanted to go to and then apply to each of those schools separately. Since Stanford was my first choice and they accepted me, that was the school I matched to,” said Muniz.

When waiting to see if a scholarship has been offered, that single letter or email can affect someone’s life and career forever. “ When I found out I got the scholarship I immediately screamed and started sobbing in the middle of class, which was pretty unexpected because I’m usually really quiet in class and I was definitely expecting a rejection,” said Muniz. Not only was Muniz will be thrilled to know that she received this opportunity, her family was as, if not even more excited. “ My mom was extremely excited. She brought me balloons and chocolate and flowers and took me out to dinner. She was also crying. She told every single person she’s ever come in contact with in her life,” explained Muniz.

College is the next step after high school. It’s a time to make memories and also help people realize what they want to do in life, what their calling is and more. Applying to colleges can be one of the more stressful things in life, and it takes lots of motivation and passion to impress them. Being accepted into college is a big accomplishment but earning a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country is even bigger.

By: Emerald Herman