Your Average High Schooler Eating the Famous Cafeteria Burritos

Your Average High Schooler Eating the Famous Cafeteria Burritos

The bell rings at 8:33 A.M on another typical tame, tedious, and tiresome Monday morning. John, narrowly making it to class on time takes his hard, and lifeless seat. John is your average high schooler: 16 years old, a Junior, and barely keeping his mediocre-at-best GPA up to community college acceptable standards due to endless hours of procrastination. Not even having an off period during first and an extra hour of sleep can help save the doomed wreck of Monday. In the front of the classroom Mrs. Chavez drones on about conjugating imperfect verbs. All words that John does not understand in the slightest way, shape, or form. At this point in the year John has subconsciously learned how to block all of his teachers out, with half of his brain still sleeping and the other half in an even deeper sleep. No escape out of the lifeless lesson. John reaches into his pocket and finds $3.00 on the dot stuffed into the corner of his pocket. Exactly enough money to buy a burrito. John shoots his hand into the air and asks to use the restroom. John, nearly sprinting down the halls, knows this may be the only satisfying thing that happens to him all day, and he plans to savor every last bite. After what seems like an eternity John reaches the lunchroom and finds the lunch lady setting out a tray of newly heated burritos. What an American hero. There has never been a more beautiful sight at 8:35 in the morning than rows of shiny, tinfoil wrapped bacon, egg, and cheese burritos sitting on a silver tray. John sheds a tear as he tears into the perfect creation and triumphantly strolls back to the 400’s. Maybe Monday isn’t so bad after all.

Ever since the first day those piping hot, tin foil wrapped pieces of heaven in a tortilla were served, students around the school have wondered what makes the burritos so good? Just what is the secret ingredient to crafting the world’s 8th wonder. Could it be love? Or is it the Krabby Patty secret formula? Just what is the lunch room staff hiding from the student body?

“I think that the reason they’re so popular is because they’re quite big and very tasty. And of course the secret ingredient is lots of love”, said cafeteria worker Karen Cruz.

By: Matthew Fast