On Friday, May 12th, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors poured into the gym after 3rd period ready for a much needed break halfway through the day. However, this time the assembly wasn’t to get ready for another dance or big rivalry game, but instead a chance to bid a final farewell to the graduating senior class of 2017.

The seniors already crowded their section preparing themselves for a wrap on their 4 year high school journey filled with lasting friendships, amazing memories, tremendous growth, and way too much homework. Finishing the last day of high school with one last assembly is one pretty good way to say goodbye.

The celebration extended past the 2017 class to all of the teachers saying goodbye to Chap as well. Fan favorite, Mark Stevens, was the highlight of a video with students sharing fond memories and wishing luck upon their favorite teachers. And of course, time for fun was made with teachers competing against seniors in a tricycle race to give the 2017 class one last assembly victory. Principal, Greg Gotchey, gave his speech to the graduating seniors wishing them luck along their future journey, reminding them to never forget they always have a home at Chaparral, and getting them even more excited for graduation on the Wednesday, May 17.

Now the rest of the classes finally got some time in the spotlight. Students quickly rushed along the gym to fill in their new class sections in the bleachers for the next year. The assembly finished out and regained focus back on the seniors with the teacher tunnel. Seniors walked through the gym seeing their teachers and favorite mentors for the last time, exchanging hugs, memories, and quite a few tears. The new sophomore, junior, and senior classes funneled out of the gym as quickly as they came. The graduating class of 2017 enjoyed the rest of their final day of high school with a BBQ packed with games, food, and fun on a beautiful sunny day.

By: Matt Fast

 Students and teachers embrace saying their final goodbyes at the senior assembly. Photo by Matt Fast

Students and teachers embrace saying their final goodbyes at the senior assembly. Photo by Matt Fast