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The cafeteria provides a great service to students. Providing lunches and locations to sit & relax for 40 minutes. Although this great treatment is given to students, it’s been taken advantage of. Students have recently been leaving trash in piles and not cleaning up after themselves. Making it the teachers or janitors duty to toss their trash out. This has recently been very concerning to the entire staff and is affecting the environment at Chaparral.
At the very beginning of the year, students were unable to eat outside during lunches. The reason being due to students not taking care of the environment around them, outdoors. With this temporary ban, made student really irritated. As time passed, students were eventually allowed back outdoors. 
“The table tops in the cafeteria have got cleaner but doesn’t mean the trash has been thrown in the trash, it’s moved onto the floor or sometimes students miss the trash. We still got work to do,” said student, Matthew Morgan. The issues with trash not being thrown away outside, shifted indoors in the commons. Frustration was shown thru many teachers and the janitors. When collapsing the tables at the end of B lunch, trash that was left by students was forcefully having to be thrown away by the staff. It was getting worse and worse. Students would put the effort in pilling their tables trash into a perfect stack, and leave it at the end of the table. The extra “effort,” wasn’t implemented into the students’ movement and would left aside. “I usually sit outside, but when there is a lot of trash outside, it affects where I sit and how the courtyard looks,” said student EJ Gregory. As time continued strolling, the staff felt the need to add this issue to the class meetings for all four grades. In the class meetings, teachers discussed that every grade is taking an extra step forward in their involvement in the community. With this meeting happening, it was time for the staff to express their frustration at the students. That no longer will teachers have the responsibility to toss trash away.

Story by Joey Freeburg and Zach Curtis