Student looking into their college future

Student looking into their college future

On Wednesday October 5th, students attended the 4th annual college fair held at Chaparral. Held from 8 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. Students checked in with their homeroom teachers and then went to the commons to visit with the 42 colleges that attended the event. 17 out of the 42 colleges were in-state Colorado colleges.

“I enjoyed seeing new colleges I hadn't seen before, and talking to colleges that had my major,” said senior Tad Trimarco.

Some of the notable colleges that attended included CU Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, Baylor University, Western State Colorado University, Ohio State University, and Denver University. The event was coordinated by the college and career center of Chaparral.  

“I love seeing the excitement of the students when they meet college reps. Also, the college reps love being able to go meet the Chaparral students that attend. [The fair is great] to help Chaparral students find their next step and to figure out what they want to do in their future,” said Mary Jo Pook; who works in the College and Career center and helped put on the event.

“We usually get a huge turnout from the students, because this is one of the best chances for Chaparral students to meet and see colleges,” said Pook.

By: Matthew McCarthey