A Student Focused on Technology in the Classroom

 A Student Focused on Technology in the Classroom

As kids, we were taught to respect elders and people in authority. In the school setting, that includes all teachers and administrators. However, some students seem to have never heard anything like this, and so choose to disrespect their teachers. Teachers have a simple job: to teach students material and make sure they understand it. They don’t deserve to deal with rude students that try to make their lives difficult. Students who take their future in consideration don’t deserve to learn in a negative environment.

Educators don’t pick on students just out of boredom or bias, they single an individual out to discipline them and make sure the learning environment stays focused. Students who disrespect teachers are extremely inconsiderate. This is not only to the teacher, but to other people in the classroom. Students are at school to learn, not to hear their classmates talk back to the their educator. Alas, verbal disrespect is not the end of it.

Phones are a rather big issue. There’s been a consistent problem with students constantly on their phones during class and not paying attention to the teacher lecturing. This is a sign of disrespect in the fact that the students totally disregard what a teacher has to say, as if they don’t care at all. The worst part of this is if a student refuses to hand over the phone when specifically requested by faculty. Students will put their phone away temporarily, only to have it out again a few minutes later. This attitude is that of one who doesn’t think a teacher should ever tell them what to do. These are people who typically think they can do anything, and no adult has the right to tell them otherwise. The sad thing is, some educators just give up trying to help the students. There is so much effort put into trying to help the students, energy that could be used towards teaching, that those efforts are disregarded. Teachers have used so much wasted attempt that it seems futile to try any more.

Not all students are like this, the majority are well mannered and respectful in class. Faculty should, in the face of disrespect, keep their cool and remain respectful. Teachers also should not just ignore the contempt from students; they should try to strictly combat it. Being too lenient doesn’t work, and will only make things worse, as students don’t see a limit to their actions. The classroom should not be a stage for a power struggle between student and teacher. What happened to respect? We need to speak up and bring it back. Educators, or anyone for that matter, don’t deserve rude treatment being given in today’s school environment.

By: Lauren DiNapoli