Stephanie Clarkson's Kiddos Showing Southeast Pride

Stephanie Clarkson's Kiddos Showing Southeast Pride

Laughter, goofiness, and joy are three words that explain the energy felt when volunteering with children at Southeast. Southeast is constantly taking in volunteers to support and reach out to the surrounding community, that needs a place to call home.

“It’s important to have a staff of children [and adults] to help disciple people [in need], and help walk them closer to God,” said Early Childhood Director, Stephanie Clarkson. Clarkson has worked at Southeast for about four and a half years, but worked with the preschoolers for only a year and a half. Clarkson enjoys the atmosphere given by the preschool age group, and adores seeing them grow physically and emotionally. They are able to develop a personality and recognize their own opinions. “..when they can walk out of the classroom and be excited [about] telling their parents the stories they’ve learned; it’s always brought..excitement to my life,” said Clarkson.

Volunteering is a simple process that takes around 2 to 3 days if one is a teenager. “Our website is the best place [to start]. [Southeast has]...the email addresses from all the staff members that work [here]. [ Also, volunteers] are always welcome to come into the church and ask any of us...we all have different areas of community service that we can allow people to be apart of,” said Clarkson. The process consists of extensive background checks, risk management, and clarification of the church’s rules. This ensures that people will abide by the rules given, and that children's safety is the top priority. Volunteering at Southeast will allow one to give back in the community in a small but impactful way. Don’t underestimate this opportunity, and take it.

By: Allie Cummings