Communication is a skill that people have mastered by high school. People can use motor skills, such as body language and talking to communicate with one another. However, not everyone has the same way of communicating, which can cause interaction to be hard for some people. A few of the special needs students use sign to communicate and their peer coaches don’t have the education of sign language like the students do.

Unified Soccer Coach and PE Teacher, Lori Pace, has worked with special needs students and understands their struggle of effectively communicating with others. Pace and her peer coaches grouped together to think of goals they wish to accomplish for the end of the year. One of the ideas was to establish better communication with the special needs students, so Pace came up with the idea to start a fundraiser for cChromebooks. With these cChromebooks, the Peer Coaches are hoping to “not only learn sign language but also alternative conversation as some of the students use different forms of language,” said Pace. In order to utilize the technology, they need 3,000 dollars to purchase minimum of 6 Chromebooks. Pace said, “After further conversation regarding our efforts with the SSN teachers we learned they would largely appreciate the opportunity to utilize them up in their classrooms throughout the day to support their diverse learning needs.”

If they are to surpass their goal of 3,000 dollars, they plan to plant the money in the Unified Sports account to help benefit the students in that area of their lives as well. This fundraiser will gift Chaparral students with effective conversation between each other. Please donate to the following link to support the Chaparral Peer Coaches and special needs students.

By: Ava Houghton