A Self Sustainable Ecosystem in a Coke Bottle

A Self Sustainable Ecosystem in a Coke Bottle

People in this generation are beginning to care or know less and less on the importance of the environment, and the impact it has on the Parker community. To further educate students, science teacher Amy Larson has begun instructing the new course, AP Environmental Science. “Students who are interested in understanding environmental systems, issues surrounding the environment, population and global economies should take AP Environmental Science, also referred to as APES,” said Larson.

During the year, students will be instructed to conduct labs and take on an in-depth project towards the end of the year. A lab the students are currently doing is an ecosystem sustainable for a fish. A live fish is placed in the bottom of a soda bottle with different levels of dirt and water above it, to sustain its life in the small pool below. Larson not only wants student to be educated after taking the class, but to come prepared as well. “Start watching the news and/or reading articles on current events and consider the big picture regarding the inter-relatedness among the environment, resources, population and economics. Evaluate the issues from a science point of view, as well as a global point of view,” said Larson.

Students should further understand the environment and its impact after this class, but Larson further explains one attribute to take away from APES as a whole, “when making decisions, consider all of the stakeholders, the costs and the benefits of those decisions on a global level," said Larson.

By: Allie Cummings