Duggar family from the original TV show 19 Kids and Counting 

Duggar family from the original TV show 19 Kids and Counting 

The American Dream has typically involved families having 2 children, but as the ideals have changed on what is the American Dream, the ‘norm’ of having smaller families is vanishing and the amounts of siblings is growing.

 Junior Reilly McGovern’s family consists of 8 siblings altogether, which she shares is very chaotic sometimes, yet they all have learned how to live together. “Most are moved out, but when more of us were living there it was really bad because there were only 2 bathrooms we could use.” The boys lived in the basement, while the girls lived upstairs. All 8 siblings names are Reilly, Jesse, Jenna, Justin, Ian, Ryan, Alex, Katelyn, and Amanda. “Jesse is the only blood relative to me, the others are step siblings.” A few of the siblings already have kids of their own as well. Reilly is closest with her sister Jenna. “Jenna is the one I talk to the most. She lives in the basement since the boys don’t anymore so it’s a huge room and we just hang out there all the time, talk, play xbox, and watch YouTube.”

Reilly’s family compares to the famous TV family The Duggars (from 19 Kids and Counting) with the large amount of siblings. While being very different families, what is common is the family value and the traditions that make each family unique.

By: Ally Clinard and Megan Mondragon