Let’s admit it - even as a high school student, it can be compelling to relive the elementary school halloween party days by dressing up as your favorite fictional character, creepy clown, or anything in between. Although October 31st lands on a Tuesday this year, and dressing up may seem appropriate given the occasion, there are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed by students that plan to suit up for school on Halloween day.

Although it is a special occasion, the general Chaparral dress code remains the same on Halloween, meaning no hats/dark glasses, no particularly disruptive garments, no clothing affiliated with any sort of vulgarity, and so forth. However, given the nature of Halloween, it is also necessary to specifically address that accessories, such as masks, concealing face paints, and fake weapons, are also banned from school on the 31st, as they would be on any other school day. The purpose behind banning such objects/accessories is to promote a safe and comfortable learning environment, and to keep all students easily identifiable in the case of an emergency/drill. Students are also discouraged from dressing in any sort of extravagant attire, which is also listed in the day-to-day dress code, as it may distract other students/teachers. In short, if planning on dressing up, be mindful of the regular dress code, as well as courteous to your fellow Wolverines!

The safest way to avoid getting dress coded on Halloween day is to use common sense when determining what to wear, and if unsure, refer to the Student Code of Conduct/Dress Code, or ask a teacher/admin for their judgement. All being said, have a safe and spooky Halloween, Chap!

Story by Hannah Wankel