High School is defined as a school that typically comprises grades 9-12. For some, high school is a period of four years that has tended to pass them by, meaningless. However, specifically for the 2017-2018 Senior Panel, high school has assisted in self development, and has helped them get through difficult times in their life. Designed to speak to 3 groups of 30 freshman that had opted out of the PSAT on Wednesday, October 25, Chaparral administration and counselors came together and chose each of the 12 seniors to be on this panel. Aiming for diversity in experiences, this group contained seniors that had been transfers, varsity sports players, students battling illnesses, and people who have just had a unique high school experience. On the morning of the PSAT, the freshman and the seniors gathered in the theater, and after splitting the freshman into groups of three, each group spent about an hour with the senior panel. The morning consisted of seniors giving these freshman the advice they have to offer for the next four years, and sharing their high school experience, hoping to make connections with some of the listening ears. The panel was a success. Although for some freshmen, this hour could have been an opportunity to fall asleep to the voices of 12 seniors giving them their advice, for some it was a wake up call, a way to make them feel less alone, and a way to understand that the unfamiliar thing called “Chap Fam,” truly has their back.

Story by Maci Cameron