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During the second week of November, three murals stood outside of the 300’s hallway exhibiting artwork from Pablo Picasso. Pablo was a Spanish artist who lived in Paris, France in his adult life. He created many famous pieces of artwork that had been showcased all around the world. Mrs. Adames put on an exhibit to showcase some of his work and some insightful information regarding the artist. Out of all the artists in the world, Mrs. Adames decided to share the work of Pablo Picasso. “When we think of famous artists, we think about those from hundreds of years ago but Pablo Picasso is still relevant and there aren’t very anymore,” said Spanish teacher Sue Adames. The walconsisted of three different paintings well known by Picasso such as the “Guernica” painting, “The Dream”, and “Night Fishing at The Antibes.” Adames was inspired to make the exhibit when she saw the Guernica in person. The overall goal for the Picasso exhibit was to bring new culture into the school so it could inspire students. “I wanted to bring culture into to the school in a different way, to to inspire the students to travel and do different things about the world.” Art works like this easily brings much needed culture into our school. Paintings like the Guernica that symbolises war and artworks like “The Dream” symbolizes happiness and innocence. They make people think and try their hardest to understand the meaning behind the work, and that is why painters like Pablo Picasso are so important and modern to the world. Exhibits like this bring the community together and it shows us how much we should appreciate the different art that is created in different cultures. The impact Pablo Picasso had in the art community is greater than any of us can imagine. Having seen the artwork hung on the walls really brought a different feel in the atmosphere of our school.

Story by Joey Freeburg and Zach Curtis