DECA competitors got the chance to qualify for state at the District competition on November 28th. There were 83 state qualifiers out of the 143 members that competed  from Chaparral and Chaparral won the Conference Champions title.  Districts were held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds and 4 schools competed; Legend, Douglas County, Chaparral, and Ponderosa. Chap earned the most team points in District 11 and also had the best productivity ratio of 58% of their competing members qualifying for state. Students going to the competition arrived at Chap at 6:55 AM and got on the buses to Castle Rock. Once there, they headed into the main building for the introduction and got their schedule for the day. Each student competing had a different time that they had to compete. The actual competition was held in the main building with the judges and prep time was given as well. Teams had 20 minutes to prep their roleplay and individuals had 10. When the students weren’t competing, they were in the Kirk Hall building working on homework or preparing for their roleplays. Lunch was also provided by Firehouse Subs for all of the students competing. The students were able to win two types of awards, one for qualifying for state because of a high score on their roleplay, and one for having the highest test score in the certain event they were competing in. The schools were able to win awards based on the conference champion which was the school with the highest amount of qualifiers and an award for having the most amount of participants based on size, which Douglas County won. The 83 state qualifiers will be able to go to state at the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Spring the 25th through the 27th.

Story by Aubrey Bowlus