November 11, 2017--the different departments of Chaparral Performing Arts united for their Annual Patrons Night. The night filled with anticipation from the patrons, the students, and teachers towards the aim to raise up to $10,000 for funding the needs of Performing Arts. The gala featured a silent auction put on by the Patrons for the Performing Arts. The night also featured performances from the Performing Arts department. "Choir, band, orchestra, guitar students, encore players, and the theatre department did small performances for the visitors,” said David Peterson, the Chair Department of Performing Arts. But before the intermissions started, booths stood along the upper hallway where pastries, coffee, and other foods were sold to the visitors who are waiting for the prepared performance in the theatre. Several guitar players also entertained them right outside the Mary Gill Theatre. Some student volunteers stood by the tables and the stairs to pose like a “human statue” which gave “a humor atmosphere to the night,” said Shel Stanfill, Orchestra and Guitar teacher. Between the intermissions, a silent auction was held in the hallways. “This is usually the main part of the fundraising. The auction includes big, little, and valuable things from the Performing Arts Department,” Stanfill said. Through the night, they sold two Anatomy of Gray signed and framed posters, four Avalanche tickets, four Disneyland Resort tickets, a Varsity Letter Jacket, and a privilege to rent a TESLA for one day. All which ranged from $50 to $600. Overall, they were able to raise $9,900. “It doesn’t really stop there because the Patrons would keep on helping us together with our own boosters,” said Stanfill. In the previous years, the Patrons had been helping the Performing Arts Department. One time was when they helped the Theatre Department in replacing the stage curtains. “That was costly and the Theatre booster couldn’t afford it without the help of Patrons,” he added. And just last year, new guitar cabinets were built in Stanfill’s guitar room, providing cabinets for students to place their guitars when they leave them in the room. “That’s why the gala night is so special for everyone in the Department--they showcase their talents for their Chaparral family while loving what they have to offer at the same time,” said Stanfill. The Gala night had been going for about seven to eight years now. “The patrons started when we had our individual booster group. It was an idea that Mr. Peterson had brought over from Eagle Crest high school. The former performing arts teachers had this idea to put a booster group that does more fundraising on a larger scale for the Performing Arts Department. So they were called the Patrons of the Performing Arts and they’re the parent groups that financially support the performing arts in ways that we can’t do,” he explained. The official website of the Patrons of the Performing Arts is found in David Peterson’s school website. Anyone could be a “Patron” and donate with just a starting amount between $10 to $50. “The amazing performances brought by every talented students wouldn’t be possible without this,” Stanfill remarked.