Each year at Chaparral high school, bachelor's compete against one another to win over the hearts at Chaparral. With 16 contestants, four from each grade level, the boys will show off their dance moves, singing skills, and pick up lines.

On Tuesday January 10th, 2017 the show kicked off at 7:00 pm in the Chaparral theatre. As everyone sat down, the lights dimmed down on the stage and the show began. The opening started with videos the young bachelors put together to introduce themselves, and hopefully entertain the audience. After the clips were shown, the boys danced to a variation of songs with a well choreographed routine.

Next, the contestants took turns smooth talking Olayemi Ajao with pick up lines. Shortly after, a table was placed in the middle of the stage while Ava Wilson awaited for her date to arrive. Starting with the freshman, the boys arrived at their date with the intention to ruin it. After all the boys destroyed their first dates, the bachelor's moved on to performing their singing skills. From little memorization to high pitches, the boys competed for spots in the semi final round. With 6 bachelors left, they were each handed bags full of women's clothing and beauty products. In the first round the boys had to dress themselves in the clothing and apply the beauty products with the best of their ability, correctly. In the second round the bachelor's took turns coming up with a sales pitch to persuade the crowd and judges their products were the best. The final elimination for the night arrived shortly after the sales pitches. Two bachelors were eliminated from the last round, but for the first time ever a junior made it to the final competition at the sadies assembly. The finalists were, Alec Ackerman, Trent Abramovitz, Tad Trimarco, And Jacob Dedrickson. As the theatre filled with applause and laughter, the lights lit back up and the show came to an end.

The following day at the Sadies assembly, the four bachelors constructed one last performance in front of the whole school. First, Tad displayed his professional makeup skills on Gabby Garcia. In shock, the students concern grew as he painted her face, and her acrylic nails. Next, Jacob obtained a few underclassmen to act as bowling pins, while he rolled an exercise ball towards them, knocking them down. Trent, dressed in a farmer's attire and  performed the cotton eye Joe. Halfway through his performance, cheerleaders, poms, and students from the bleachers joined. Lastly, Alec instructed the school with his origami skills on how to make a paper swan. After three of the steps, Alec pulled another previously finished swan out of his pants. The winner was determined by the loudness of applause and cheering bellowed from the bleachers. As Alec’s name was called, the stomping on the bleachers increased, and the cheering roared. Alec Ackerman received the final rose, the title of Mr. Chap, and the hearts of Chaparral.

By: Ashley Nesland