Chaparral.. a Place Where Dreams Come True

Chaparral.. a Place Where Dreams Come True

Wish week is one of Chaparral’s most favored week out of the year. The school comes together to make wishes come true for kids battling with a life threatening illness. This year Isabelle McAllister is Chaparral’s Wish kid. Student Government has worked for this week continuously during and after school. This week is filled with games, hope, and reward. The reward of granting many kids their wishes.

Sophomores Grace Urbanski and Katie Hogan are both involved in student government and the preparation for Wish Week.“ We have spent about the past 4 months prepping for Wish Week, almost every single day in class and outside as well,” said Urbanski. “ My favorite part of wish week is definitely the opening and closing assembly. It’s so cool to watch the school meet the kid for the first time, and it’s wonderful to see how many wishes we granted in the end. It brings the whole school together right in front of your eyes… it’s so wonderful,’ said Hogan. As homecoming and many other weeks are important for high school, the best events come with wish week because it’s not for us to put on a big show and dress up but to help others overcome their illness. “Once wish week is through, it is a huge feeling of accomplishment and pride. To see all the behind the scenes come to life is unreal,” stated Urbanski.The preparation for wish week seems really cool to outsiders, but the people who make the week what it is know that with dedication comes reward. “After wish week, my heart is full. The school comes together and everyone seems happy and willing towards one another. It’s so awesome to also see hard work pay off in the end. The best part is that you’re helping in giving kids a piece of their childhood back,” Said Hogan.

Student government has put their hearts and souls into making this week successful. Support Isabelle and student government by participating in the events and the restaurant nights.

By: Ava Houghton