Chaparral High School students started off the second semester by attending a mandatory meeting held in the Mary Gill Theater to discuss their future plans for high school or college, course selection information, as well as reminders on how to make Chaparral a welcoming and enjoyable environment for both students and staff. On Wednesday January 10th, juniors were called down to the auditorium where they were given a brief description on ways in which they can be ahead on course selection. Mr. Mullen the counseling department chairman; introduced the new system of how juniors may decide on course selection and making prestigious college applications while seeking help from counselors and other administrators. Posted outside the counseling office, students will find “first come, first serve” sign up sheets that reserves their spot to get assistance. These help sessions will take as long as two class periods. The first hour will demonstrate how to construct a complete college application. As for the second hour, juniors will be introduced to new courses and opportunities available for their last high school year. Each sign up sheet have certain periods listed for students to be excused from two classes, this will allow students to choose which time best fits their schedule. There are only limited amount of spots so make sure you sign up as soon as possible! Following Mr. Mullens informational speech, Mr. Mossman reminded all Chaparral Students on the three ways that make Chaparral stand out which are Personal Integrity, Academic Excellence, and Social Responsibility. Ever since the beginning of Chaparral High School these three things are key factors that make  this school have a great impact on students academic lives. All of the Chaparral community can demonstrate personal integrity by setting examples for others, building trust with peers and staff members, and having pride and confidence in everything they do. This school is what we make it. If there is trash on the ground pick it up, if a peer is having trouble with a class help them out because it's these little acts of kindness that builds an outstanding community.  Academic excellence can be shown not only by students but as well as teachers because they “ are teaching more than just the curriculum,” says Mossman. Teachers instill life lessons that will be important for students growth and different situations that may lie in the future. Ultimately upperclassman should always demonstrate great social responsibility because “when you leave here you aren’t just a teen walking through life, you're a Chaparral student [and] everytime you leave here you are apart of us” advises Mr. Persichina. So remember Chap, helps others when needed, take care of one another, and always have pride in what you do and what you leave behind.

Story by Jade Gurule