Rodgers and Hammerstein’s broadway version of the classic tale Cinderella, was given a wonderful twist by Chaparral’s performing arts program. This opening weekend, February 22-24, was a success for the cast and crew of the show, selling out the whole theatre the first night it was shown and coming close to another sellout every other night. With the incredible talent of the actors, ensemble, and live music from Chaparral’s band, it is a show that is a must see for everyone.  Seniors Izze Sadjak and Cade Anderson played the two main roles of Cinderella and Prince Topher, who “fit the part perfectly,” Sr. Maddie Wheatley claimed, “it was the first school play I have ever been to and I really regret not attending more. It was amazing seeing some of my classmates in a whole new way, doing something they love.” The broadway version of the play resembles the original in many ways, while also providing the characters with humour, a rare kindness, and new creativeness. Evil step sister Gabrielle, played by senior Morgan Erwin who has been involved in 17 previous plays, was not as evil as she is portrayed to be, leaving the audience with an anxious thrill and wonder. Along with the curiosity around Gabrielle is the shocking event when Cinderella didn’t leave her shoe on the stairs at first- WHAT?! For eight dollars per student and twelve dollars for adults, the anticipating and astounding musical directed by Chap’s very own David Peterson is one that will bring you guilt if you miss out. Homemade snacks, cool souvenirs and the remarkable talent and pride of your peers, what more could you ask for? Go see the play!

Next showings are March 1-3 at 7 P.M., and March 3 at 1 P.M.

Story by Hannah Bancroft