With the school year coming to an end, Chaparral High School’s prom was hosted at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum on April 20th, 2018. For many students, especially seniors, prom was the last hoorah before enduring the stressful week of finals. Many juniors and seniors either went with dates, or with friends. Either way, the students had a great time. For many seniors, it was a bitter-sweet moment to attend their last high school dance, but not a minute was waisted as the class of 2018 danced the night away. The Top Prom theme was loved by many and was a great way to show off the mesmerizing planes and other aircrafts displayed at the dance. Students were seen dancing the night away with their dates, group of friends, and guests. They had the time of their life as the DJ played popular songs that caught the attention of the students, allowing them to sing along and make memories. After prom was a big hit as well! Hosted by many Chaparral parents, the central theme was Harry Potter, and no student would deny that it was a magical night. The main staircase was covered by a slide which took students down to the commons which was decorated in all things Harry Potter. The large gym however was a casino themed area which allowed students to challenge each other in mind-bending and strategic games. Junior Chaparral student, Maddie Smith had her own dad volunteer as a casino worker, “My dad is from Las Vegas so he was excited to help host a casino themed game,” explains Smith. There were even photographers that attended the night and helped capture the magic within Chaparral. Good job to all the work that was put into the dance as well as after prom! Chaparral students had a great time dancing the night away and showing off their stunning dresses and suits and ties.

Story by Jade Gurule and Jordan Freeman