A stack of three round piles of snow found in a yard in Parker last week had neighbors concerned. According to sources, the snow had a carrot and multiple buttons on the top ball, almost resembling the face of a man. There have been reports of similar situations in multiple yards since the first sighting from our first snow in early November. These snowmen had the neighborhood watches patrolling the local streets worried that Frosty the Snowman was now a reality...Traumatized by the occurrence, many locals have been on social media expressing their feelings on this ‘trend’. “He showed up in my neighbor's yard after I witnessed their kids playing in the snow, I was too afraid to confront them. I just hope everything is safe and well,” said a resident of Stonegate, on Facebook. If you are a part of this trend, we know you have been victimized and have lines lined up for you to call if in need of emotional support.

Local grocery stores have petitioned against this trend by threatening to get rid of their carrot stock and sewing kits. Over 200 people have signed a petition against the “snow men” saying, “They’re disrupting the beauty of the neighborhood and threatening the mental health of the kids.”

    An anonymous caller hopes that “this trend will fade away and die down just like the white/gold or black/blue dress”. Law enforcement has announced in a press conference earlier this week that if there are any tips on the culprit, to report it immediately. There will be a reward. A recent investigation has labeled 3 kids as possible suspects.

By: Aubrey Bowlus